Hamam, hammam or Turkish towels

The hammam towel or peshtemal in Turkish originate in countries with a bathhouse culture, the hammam or hamam. Nowadays you can not only take your towel to the spa or beach but can be used for many more purposes.

Our partner in Turkey is manufacturing with hand-loomed old technique machines. Fabrics are more durable compared to mass-produced textiles.

Lightweight - Great absorbency - Good replacement for your heavy bath towel - Little space in your (hand) luggage
Fast rinse after a beach day - Dries quickly - Can be worn as a pareo - Use it in the gym or your yoga class, etc. etc.

The hammam towel is a trend item, more and more people are experiencing the benefits. The range is therefore increasing. Production no longer takes place exclusively in the textile regions in Turkey, but also in mass-producing countries such as India and China. The difference? Quality, sustainability, craftsmen (and women ;-)) who are paid properly, etc. etc.  That includes an appropriate price. At Yazgibi you will only find hammam towels that are traditionally woven. Fair made & Fair trade, for a fair price.

How is your hammam towel produced? Read more on the 'about me' page.



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