Merhaba or hello

During my travels to Turkey I discovered the hamam towel a long time ago, I was enthusiastic right away. A multifunctional product which also looks nice! Nowadays a trend item and for many an essential item in suitcase or backpack.

About 10 years ago my Turkish sister-in-law started the production of hamam towels in Turkey. Prior to that period I accompanied her several times on trips to the textile regions. We enjoyed the scenery, the food and the warm welcome that we received everywhere. The company has grown in the meantime and has expanded their collection with bathrobes, plaids etc. The craftsmen make these products in a small-scale weaving mill surrounded by cotton fields. They only use the best quality yarns, fabrics are more durable compared to fabric that is mass produced

The weaving mill only uses traditional handloom machines. This offers employment to the residents of the village and maintains the old craft. . All the fringes/tassels on the hamam towels are done by hand by the women in the village. Not only work, but also a social affair where the latest gossip is exchanged with a glass of çay (tea).

Here in the Netherlands we make beachwear of the hand loomed fabrics. Usually every article is different. Sometimes we use leather, or glass, wooden or cork beads. So your item may be slightly different from the photo.

The sun is important in my life. I miss this sometimes in our gray and foggie country. Yazgibi means summer or literally 'summer' and 'time' in Turkish. 

Luckily I’ve always had the opportunity to travel and get to know other cultures. This is where my love for 'Oriental' stuff comes from. This way I surround myself with a holiday feeling that I like to share with you.

Enjoy the Yazgibi lifestyle.

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